My Newsday work. (@BoltonFM DJ)

OK so so far you have seen some of the extra work that I’ve done as a student journalist. Here’s where we get to the assessed stuff, the stuff that actually matters.

This first package is one that I put together for our assessed newsday. I am quite proud of this one as it is self shot and still manages to look good. The only issue with it, (for me anyway), is the wire that obstructs Dave Spikey’s interview a little bit, but I actually felt that he was too good to leave out even though I already had two perfectly good interviews.

The story is that Matthew Davidge, a DJ from local community station Bolton FM was staying over at a local ASDA for 6 days and 6 nights to raise money for a local hospice. He was supported by a host of celebrities including stand-up comedian Dave Spikey, (legend!). There are no supers on this as they were added in post-production.

Here it is, shot, presented and edited by yours truly.



The elections.

There’s going to be quite a few videos coming up and the reason for that is, that I edited all of the over the course of ONE DAY! I can’t tell you how much I was beginning to dislike every single one of the candidates by the time 2am had hit and I’d finally finished. I’ve filmed election candidates every year since I’ve started at UCLan, and the footage has gone nowhere so it was nice to actually see something being done with it this year, all down to the media officer Michael Bailey, who also provides additional camerawork on the videos.

Anyway, here they all are. I edited them on Premiere Pro, and filmed them on a Sony PD175s and a Canon EOS 650d.



Lucy Mason interview.

OK so this was one of the more fun things to do. Most of my involvement in this was in editing the footage once it had been shot. As part of the nationwide Coffee House Sessions tour (organised by Huw Stephens)  UCLan’s student union was visited by singer/songwriter Lucy Mason. 

I didn’t even get to meet her but she looked great fun in the interview!

Presenter: Samantha King

Cameras: Michael Bailey, Haydn Jevons

Editors: Tom Dunn and myself.

I think this showcases that I can use various parts of the Adobe editing software, and in the end was actually a bit of a laugh to put together.


The Future of Journalism (An @BBCR1 Case Study).

OK a radio one this time. This is a radio package I made whilst on work experience at BBC Radio 1, an experience I mightily enjoyed. I was very lucky to have the help of Chris Smith, Sophie Miller, Jim Taylor and Jimmy Blake in making this. I had also been under the tutelage of Ben Mundy the day before in how to construct a package the Radio 1 way, to fit in with their conventions. I realise that some of these names will mean nothing to some of you, but for me it was massive. And I got a first, so there.

Anyway here it is…

Really, really enjoyed my time time at Radio 1, and would love to go back there someday.


Hello. Wilkommen. Bienvenue.

Hello and welcome to my blog, rather imaginatively entitled Rob Watson Media. 

Over the next couple of weeks expect a deluge of content as I transfer all my work from various computers onto the world wide web, for everyone to scrutinize.

This will be primarily be a site to exhibit my work, although I intend to write some posts to go along with them, and link to some of my work that is already out there. 

I hope you enjoy. although I don’t know who you is. No one’s read this yet.